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5 Things That Truly Give Radiant and Healthy Skin

Posted by Barbara Barnes on
5 Things That Truly Give Radiant and Healthy Skin

When times are uncertain it can be comforting to focus on things we know for sure. We asked our founder Jenette to talk us through the 5 things she knows that truly give radiant, healthy skin, always keeping our glow.

1. Drink tons of water, at least 8 glasses a day.

If you’re not flushing out toxins that collect daily in your body, then a healthy skin routine isn’t going to do much good.  You should always drink 50% of your body weight in ounces every day!  And that’s if you are not consuming alcohol or caffeine. If that is the case, drink even more water to keep your body and skin hydrated and flush out the bad! Carry a large reusable bottle with you when you leave the house or are going about your day, this will help you remember to reach your daily water intake goal. If and when plain water gets a little boring, we post water infusion recipes every Wednesday on our Instagram that can excite and entice. 

2. Do a double cleanse every night. Or at least on days you’re sweaty or reapplying sunblock!  This will ensure that your products penetrate and work well while you sleep. If you’re applying products onto dirty skin, then you are not getting the most out of your skin care! Double cleansing could include an oil or cream cleanse followed by a gentle gel or soap and water cleanse. Both our Be Clean Elixir and Green Tea Superfood Facial Bar are perfect for an evening double cleanse.

3. Always wear a sunscreen that is clean, reef safe and contains at least 10-20% zinc!  This will keep our oceans and planet cleaner as well as prevent inflammation and excess build up from wreaking havoc on your skin.  When wearing SPF from unreputable sources you may risk breaking out, possible irritation, not to mention killing our reefs and hurting Mother Earth.  Jenette takes preventative care seriously and works closely with Oncology Boards to educate her clients on proper sunscreen and care use.  Please make sure to reapply every 2 hours when outside between 10am-4pm. We love Suntegrity, a clean and reef-safe zinc based SPF. 

4. Apply a mask once or twice a week. If you want to maintain your healthy skin and glow, you will need to embrace using a facial masque at least 1-2 a week. Especially in the current climate were living in, we need to detox our skin regularly to ensure a higher level of skin care management.  Our mini facial in a jar Just Add Sugar Cacao Masque is perfect for this. This is the ultimate game changing facial masque for all skin types. Whether dealing with acne or dull, aging skin, this weekly treatment will instantly give you a deep cleanse and lift, allowing your skin to feel and look radiant and alive!  With regular use of this miracle masque you will begin to love your new skin. 

5. Adjust your AM and PM skin ritual to environmental changes.  Pay attention to your environment, traveling, changing of seasons, as well as added stress and hormonal changes can have a negative effect on your hydration and pH levels of your skin.  Every 2-3 months Jenette recommends to reassess your skin and where it’s at.  How does it feel?  Are there dry patches or tightness after cleansing? You may need to adjust your cleansing protocol or change your toner and/or moisturizer.  If you are feeling more oily you could skip moisturizing after your morning serum and follow with just your SPF. If you are feeling more dry, consider adding a layer of protection to your skin every day, i.e. start with a serum, then press a few drops of a facial oil on to your skin, then follow with moisturizer and SPF. Layering is where its at when truly protecting and nourishing your skin, especially when feeling dry.

These 5 ‘what Jenette knows for sure’ skin care elements will help you achieve and maintain your best skin!


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