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Simple and Sustainable Cleansing Made Easy!

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Simple and Sustainable Cleansing Made Easy!

Hello, beauties! Today we invite you to join us on a clean and sustainable beauty path that banishes plastics and pollutants from the bathroom! Our mission is to ensure our clients achieve healthy, glowing, covert-worthy skin

but not at the cost of Mother Earth and her precious resources! We are all about living a sustainable, mindful life that dramatically lowers our carbon footprint and is kind to our lovely planet. 


It is really not that hard to make conscious choices to cleanse everything in our lives — skin, hair, body, even our house!!! — in gentle, simple yet still efficient and luxurious ways that can even save you time, money and reduce clutter to live your best and healthiest life. Check out our handy guide to cleansing in a way that promotes health and well-being and sparks joy but does no harm. Avoid plastics, reuse, reduce, and go for products with longevity for our daily ablutions, recycling should be our last resort!


Cleanse Your Face: Say Yes to Soap!


If you have not tried our soap bars to cleanse your complexion, you are in for an awakening! We craft two all-natural options that are clean, sustainable, and do everything you need. They come in recyclable, compostable, and environmentally friendly boxes, which will save you time and money and prevent toxins in our environment. 


Best of all, they leave your skin so clean, soft, bright, and healthy — and a little goes a long way. They last about 3-6 months and are two of our must-have products. Both feature delicious cold-pressed oils and our proprietary Chinese and Korean herb mélange. 


Our delicious Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herb Infused Soap Bar is amazing for treating and preventing breakouts, promoting deep cellular healing, and delivering a lasting glow. Our deeply nourishing Green Tea - Superfood Facial Bar is our everyday go-to cleanser for all skin types, packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are gentle, calming, never dry out your skin and fight inflammation and environmental stressors. 


This is how we recommend you use our soaps: Rinse your face well with water. Take your bar soap and massage it onto your damp skin in areas of buildup, breakouts, or congestion. Yes, you can put the soap bar directly onto your precious skin! Continue massaging it into a delicate lather, then set your soap down on a dry surface (as not to waste any nutrient rich ingredients). Rinse your face, and you’re good to go with a glow! Please never submerge the soap bar in water. It will last you so much longer!!!


Hair Care: Pass the Bar!


We are obsessed with Davines Solid Shampoo Bars. They gently but thoroughly cleanse all hair types (even curly hair!) and are sold in a 100% FSC paper wrapper — that’s completely recyclable paper! The best way to store these bars is to get Davines’ ingenious durable aluminum case that can last a lifetime and preserves your shampoo bar, as well as saving you money. 


The product froths up wonderfully into a rich, creamy foam, leaving your hair so clean and soft. When we travel, we even use it for our bodies. So compact and easy! Their DEDE Shampoo bar is perfect for dehydrated tresses, while their VOLU bar is fantastic for limp and fine hair. It’s a simple, sustainable, and efficient way to achieve a luxurious cleanse for lustrous and shiny hair.


Infinitely Better Body Cleansing


Everyone loves to smell great. Taking a shower is about more than getting clean! This act of self-care also rinses off stress from the day — or gets you ready to tackle the day! But let’s not stress the environment and banish your plastic body wash!


We adore Santo Cabo, a fantastic brand from Baja California, Mexico. Their soaps are handmade from raw, food-grade, and natural ingredients of the highest quality and boast swoon-worthy scents: Aloe Cucumber; Calendula & Chamomile; Cinnamon Oat; Eucalyptus Spearmint and more,


We also enjoy exploring local farmers' markets to find handmade, small-batch oatmeal– or coconut-based soaps that are healthy, do not tax the environment, come in eco-friendly packaging, and never feature toxic fillers.


Mind Your Makeup Brushes!


We cannot live without our makeup brushes, and since we buy only top quality and spend a little bit more money on them, we want them to last a long time. Jane Iredale makes our faves. We love the Chisel Powder Brush, which is luxuriously soft and optimal for loose powders. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. If you're using Pure Pressed Powder or just like a more matte/full coverage look, Jane’s Handi Brush is a MUST! Our other go-to is the White Fan Brush, which is ideal for applying blush and bronzer for the perfect natural look. 


These incredibly soft and sustainable brushes last for years if you take good care of them. How so? Rinse them well in water, wring them out, and then massage the damp brush onto your chosen Jenette’s Just Add Sugar Heart Soap Bar and/or Green Tea Superfood Leaf Bar or Davines shampoo bar. This way, you preserve the fibers as though you were taking care of your very own precious locks!


Rinse well and everything will effortlessly just wash out. Wait until they are completely dry — overnight or in a few hours. We recommend washing them anytime you have used them on dirty, sweaty skin OR just at the end of each week if you’re only using them on clean skin.


Let’s Not Stop Here! More Sustainable Cleansing Tips!!!


We are obsessed with Marley’s Monsters Reusable Cotton Facial Rounds (perfect for facial cleansing and removing makeup) and UNpaper® Towels (the ideal swap for cleaning your eco-conscious home.) Say so long to single-use gauze pads and regular paper towels forever, make friends with this ingenious solution for cleansing pretty much everything, and take larger strides towards a zero-waste lifestyle.


You can throw these products in the laundry and wash them when they become dirty. They will last you forever! (Once Jenette’s Unpaper Towels get so worn down with holes, they become her household rags!!)


It comes down to this: Think before you purchase anything to make a conscious, deliberate, and mindful decision that is non-toxic, sustainable, recyclable, and good for Mother Earth! Consider what you can do realistically! Small steps add up to significant changes! Buy in bulk and purchase things you can wash and reuse. And remember: Say a resounding and committed NO to single-use plastic!


Thank you for your time and attention to this special Sustainable Cleansing Blog. We SO appreciate your commitment to being conscious leaders in your sustainable beauty practices. Stay tuned for part II.

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