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How to Layer Your Products to Achieve Flawless Skin!

Posted by Jenette Serrins and Sylvie Greil on
How to Layer Your Products to Achieve Flawless Skin!

An important question has been popping up quite frequently lately: “How do I layer my skincare products?” We’re so glad to hear that our clients are a curious bunch and seeking the inside scoop on the art of product layering. After all, the symphony of your skincare routine is a true masterpiece — orchestrating a flawless ballet of absorption, efficacy, and transformative results for your unique skin aspirations.

Each product has a distinct role to play. And oh, the magic that happens when they harmonize. So, check out our comprehensive guide to tackle all your treatments, from cleansers and toners to serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Learn to slay at layering and achieve flawless skin!


Your First Step: Cleanse to Prep

Clean skin is the foundation for happy and healthy skin. This is also true when it comes to product layering. Cleansing is essential to prepare your skin for subsequent products and treatments in your skincare routine.

A good cleanse removes dirt, oil, sweat, makeup, pollutants, and other impurities and prevents them from clogging pores and causing breakouts. Clean skin also allows for better penetration and absorption of the active ingredients in your skincare products.

We offer two fantastic cleansers: Our Green Tea - Superfood Facial Bar is ideal for all skin types and perfect for everyday use. This superfood creation (with green tea and organic coconut milk) is calming, nourishing, and hydrating for sensitive, dull, and dry skin. Not only does it dissolve impurities, it will also feed your skin tissue!

Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herb Infused Soap Bar is a little miracle soap bar great for breakouts, pimples, and hormonal bumps. It cleanses through makeup and sunscreen in a minute!!

Important: Do not use our Just Add Sugar Cacao Soap Bar the same day you use your anti-acne products with active AHA/BHA ingredients.

Be Clean – Detoxifying Elixir is another secret weapon in your cleansing arsenal. Our number one seller and household must-have can literally be used in 101 different ways. It has a base of cold-pressed organic grapeseed oil for an extra layer of moisture and organic basil extract that detoxifies and soothes. Even though it’s an oil, it is not clogging, not greasy and offers a perfect calming and cooling oil cleanse — especially at night.

TIP: Massage a few of drops of Be Clean Elixir into dry, dirty skin for 2-3 minutes to dissolve dirt, makeup, sunscreen, and any excess oil;  pull it all out. Rinse your face very well. Next, use our Green Tea soap bar on damp skin. Massage the soap all over the face. It will suds up nicely. Rinse, and voilà: super clean skin via a Double Cleanse!


Should You Exfoliate as Part of Your Cleansing Routine?

Exfoliating is no joke. Many exfoliators can do damage if not used correctly or if they are too abrasive for your skin type. Also, over-exfoliation or using harsh exfoliants can lead to irritation, redness, dryness, and even damage to the skin's barrier. We shy away from using alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) and prefer natural, physical ingredients like sulfur or sea sand.

We highly recommend Be Renewed, which gently buffs away impurities and dead skin cells in a gentle very effective way. It is one of our top anti-inflammatory products and even works on sensitive skin. It has a base of zinc, magnesium, and organic cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil to prevent inflammation. Its secret ingredient is a magical black sea sand!

Important: This product is not intended for daily cleansing. Use it 2-3 times a week for flawless, clean skin. It’s also great after a day at the beach to undo the damage of the breeze, sun and saltwater to heal your skin instantly.


Step 2: Serums, Treatments and Active Ingredients

What product should go onto your clean skin next? That all depends on your goals whether they are brightening, preventative, or fighting the signs of anti-aging, or tackling acne and breakouts. As a general rule, products with ACTIVE ingredients (e.g. Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol, etc.) should touch clean skin first. Cue our serums!

Transform - Niacin Serum should always touch your clean face first if you want the benefits of niacinamide to flush out toxins and keep stress off your face. It’s like a “serum on steroids” with a cooling, calming base of sea kelp. Try it on your nose and watch your pores shrink. Remember:  Apply first on clean skin, then apply other products over it.

If, however, you want to reap the benefits of Vitamin C, layer first and foremost  our Be Calm - Brightening C Serum. One of our most anti-inflammatory products, Be Calm is a must-have for anyone dealing with redness, hyperpigmentation, and funky patches of red/brown spots.

Our Be Calm boasts an oil-soluble, medical-grade Vitamin C, prevents aging, plumps, and firms for astounding long-term results. This version of Vitamin C has a larger molecular structure, so it penetrates much more deeply. If you have ever gotten a sunburn or sun overexposure, live on Be Calm!!!

TIP: Can you use both serums? Choose between ONE of the two and either 1) use one for a month, then switch or 2) alternate in the morning and evening.

What about retinol? Retinol is a treatment that should touch your skin first after cleansing. We are not huge fans because retinol makes you sensitive to the sun and can break down the tissue. However, it can be safe if used properly to exfoliate, brighten, and repair damage.

The only retinol product Jenette truly stands behind is IMAGE MD Restoring Retinol Booster, as it is free of toxins and infused with antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Important: If you spend a lot of time outside, be careful as it will make your face very sensitive. Avoid the sun for the next one to three days following or you will hyperpigment!!!

As an alternative, we recommend our two miracle Potions. These concentrated products are designed to address specific concerns, such as hydration, brightening, anti-aging, or fighting acne. Both are 75 percent probiotic.

If you are sensitive and/or oily, Potion No. 1 – Age Defying Serum instantly heals your skin and prevents pollution from taking a toll. Great for large pores, it protects your sensitive skin. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and it will lift! Use it every day, and you will banish breakouts!

Potion No. 2 – Age Defying Serum will save your skin from the toxicity outside! Jenette’s fave serum is fantastic if you are dull, dry, dehydrated and aging and in need of some magical plumping, firming and hydrating action. Keeps pores small but traps in moisture and gives an extra tightening and lifting boost.

TIP: Get the all-day glow! In the morning, apply Be Calm, then add Potion No. 2, followed by your moisturizer and sunscreen. If you are sweaty from running around or working out, follow this easy three-step routine: Be Happy, Potion No. 1, sunscreen.


What Comes Next? Indulge in a Moisture Surge

A great moisturizer helps lock in hydration and creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Some beauties need and desire a richer product, while others prefer a lighter sensation on their skin.

Jenette's vision was to create a moisturizer for all skin types that leaves no weighty feeling. Meet Serenity — the Brightening Moisturizer that embraces your skin without suffocating it. Light as a feather and thoroughly soothing, it’s your anti-inflammatory ally.

With the magic of PEPHA®-TIGHT, parched skin finds its oasis in this moisturizer. The guardian, Pullulan, keeps fungi and bacteria in check, while the antioxidant stalwart green tea takes on free radicals, shielding your skin.

TIP: Use Serenity in the morning in order not to feel “heavy” and Be Nourished at night!

Be Nourished - Age Defying Moisturizer, your perpetual defense against dryness, is the secret to an enduring glow that lasts all day. A skincare minimalist's dream, this multitasker could thrive as your sole nighttime companion.

Infused with opulent, occlusive moisture, it lavishes your skin with the care it craves. Enhanced by oil-soluble Vitamin C, it illuminates your complexion, while bountiful shea butter and phospholipids form a shield against structural tissue damage. You will not age the same way! And may never wrinkle!;)

Divine Balance – Luxury Face and Body Oil is a lavish elixir that holds a touch of luxury in every drop. It's nothing short of “magic in a bottle.” Infused with our most cherished and favorite oils, it’s a harmonizing balm for the senses.

This luxe oil redefines equilibrium and grounds your essence. Apply to your neck and décolleté, the delicate under-eye area, and the gentle curves above your lips, and witness the plumping vivacious hydration.


When Should You Use Toners in Your Layering Regimen?

Not everyone's into toners, but give ours a go, and you'll be hooked – we guarantee it. Toners aren't just a formality, they're the prelude to radiant skin. Our trio of toners brings the power of probiotics, sourced from radish root fermentation, into the mix.

These toners fight inflammation and ensure your skin's cells remain resilient against the odds of cancer cells and radiation damage. And guess what? They're not limited to a.m. and p.m. routines – mist for a mood-lifting sensory boost any time of the day!

Be Happy – Brightening Toner: This miracle toner suits all skin types. Infused with rosemary and litsea, it's like a pick-me-up for your mind, spirit and skin. Coffee can't compete with its mental clarity and fatigue-fighting prowess. Safe for all, even kids aged 8, battling those tiny, pesky bumps. It’s the go-to if you're diving into Jenette Skin Care for the first time.

Be Clean – Detoxifying Toner: Acne's nemesis, this toner annihilates bacteria and germs with a single mist. It's active and might “pull” a bit, but oily and acne-prone skin will adore it. For serious spot treating, we recommend misting a few sprays of Be Clean Toner on a cotton pad (we love Marley's Monsters reusable pads) and holding it directly onto the breakouts, pimple or excess buildup.

TIP: If you're using other anti-acne products with a percentage, like retinoids or BHAs, steer clear on the same day!

Be Divine – Age Defying Toner: The hydrating champion that rejuvenates dry, lackluster skin within a week. It's healing, immune-boosting power even offers solace during anxious and stressed-out times.

Now, when does the toning symphony play out in your daily routine? For sensitive skin, spritz at least 5 times with Be Happy - Brightening Toner after your morning cleanse. If your skin is normal/oily, set your minerals or makeup with a few mists of the same for a lasting glow.

For oily/acne-prone skin, it's Be Clean - Detoxifying Toner after washing with our Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herbal Soap Bar.

Mature or dry skin? Start your day with a skin-loving mist of Be Divine – Age Defying Toner.


The (Non-Negotiable) Pièce de Résistance: Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable step in your morning routine. It shields your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation, preventing sunburn, premature aging, and skin damage. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with adequate protection (SPF 30 or higher) and ensure it contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for effective physical protection.

Aim for a sunscreen with 5-20 percent zinc oxide for optimal coverage. Remember, consistency is key – never leave the house without your sunscreen on. Learn more in our SPF Guide!


The Product Layering Takeaway:

Not every path is paved for everyone. Your skin's journey is as unique as you are. Additionally, some products may have conflicting ingredients, so it's a good practice to research and consult with a dermatologist or one of our experienced aestheticians at Being in LA if you're unsure about combining certain products.

Be sure to check out our Skin Ritual Guides for detailed morning and evening layering steps to help you embark on a journey where your skin's story unfolds — note by note, layer by layer.

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