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Prevention with Intention: Fend Off Inflammation and Fight Aging!

Posted by Sylvie Greil on
Prevention with Intention: Fend Off Inflammation and Fight Aging!


The evil queen in Snow White. J-Lo. Kim Kardashian. There’s no way around it, we all age. We lose our youthful glow, that extra pep in our step, and quite possibly a little bit of our mojo, every minute the clock relentlessly moves its hands. And no Instagram filter can fix it IRL. Countless scientists and a booming anti-aging industry have been tackling this matter, and while there’s no miracle cure, there’s also a lot more understanding concerning the root causes of aging. One stands out as a major culprit: Inflammation. Today we discuss this trending — and sometimes alarming — buzzword and give you the skinny on all you need to know (and do) to fend it off and conquer aging. We have a lot of playroom in the small choices we make daily to keep our skin and body radiating with youth.


What is Inflammation?

Inflammation signals the body to begin healing any trauma or damage. Without this process, infections or wounds would not heal. So far, so good. However, when our skin and body become chronically inflamed, the process turns destructive. Your skin starts showing the signs of aging, such as dullness, age spots, lines, and wrinkles.

There are many ways to fight (chronic) inflammation. Using the right skincare products and eating the right foods is a great place to start. It’s all about knowing the nourishing things you need internally and topically. Our anti-aging arsenal consists of what we consider the holy grail of anti-inflammatory goodness: probiotics, Vitamin C, niacin, Zinc, and superfoods. Let’s take a closer look!


Anti-Aging Agents: Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms consisting of beneficial bacteria (such as Lactobacillus and Bifidus) that reduce common biomarkers of inflammation. They occur naturally in foods like yogurt, kefir, certain cheeses (woot!), Miso, Kombucha, sauerkraut, and our personal favorite, kimchi.

Just as important as feeding your intestinal microflora to prevent and combat inflammation is what you put on your largest organ, your skin. We work with a unique lactobacillus called LEUCIDAL® LIQUID, expelled through a fermentation process of the radish root. You will find this miracle worker in our Potion No.1 - Age Defying Serum, Potion No.2 - Age Defying Serum, Be Calm – Brightening C Serum, Be Divine - Age Defying Toner, Be Happy – Brightening Toner, Be Clean – Detoxifying Toner and Be Nourished - Age Defying Moisturizer, which all combat inflammation and aging on a profound cellular level, all while giving an incredible immune boost to your skin and senses.


An Antioxidant Superstar: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants offering superb protection from UVB and UVA rays and boosting collagen synthesis. Load up on vitamin C-rich foods such as broccoli, lemon, parsley, bell peppers, kiwi, and papaya. When it comes to skincare, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate is a big shot in our industry. It’s a form of medical-grade vitamin C we use in several of our formulations. This oil-soluble version surpasses the penetration of pure vitamin C threefold at the same concentration and penetrates amazingly into the deeper layers of the skin. Get some quality face time with this star ingredient by trying our Be Nourished — Age Defying Moisturizer and Be Calm — Brightening C Serum.


Nip Aging in the Bud with Niacin 

Niacin (Vitamin B3) is a potent agent that inhibits inflammation. Antioxidant Vitamin B3, one of eight B vitamins, prevents the damage of cells caused by free radicals, reduces hyperpigmentation, and helps to retain moisture in the skin. Get your daily dose by consuming fish (if you cannot be vegan), spirulina, green peas, peaches, nuts, and legumes. Topical forms of niacin treat rosacea, fight aging and prevent skin cancer. Our Transform - Niacin Serum is powerfully anti-inflammatory, keeping your skin lifted and bright. 


Enlist the Protective Powers of Zinc

People might think that Zinc is just for fighting colds but it's a powerful ally in preventing skin cells from being killed off and cancer cells from developing. It offers an extra layer of defense against environmental stressors, dirt, pollution, and sun damage. Zinc occurs in spinach, green peas, shitake mushrooms, asparagus, beet greens, and broccoli. 

This essential mineral also offers protection from the sun, which causes skin damage and accelerates the aging process, especially when our ozone layer is not what it once was. So — if like many of us you burned in your teenage years, believing that a sunny bronzed glow was a healthy sign of vitality — make Zinc your new BFF. Our go-to sun protection brand is Suntegrity, whose beauty-boosting products pack antioxidants and non-nano zinc oxide. As a general rule, whenever you choose an all-natural SPF product, make sure it is reef safe and contains 10-20% Zinc. 


Supercharge Your Skin and Body with Superfoods

As their moniker implies, superfoods are superb for your health. But what makes a superfood a superfood? It all started as a marketing term in 1918 used to sell bananas as a miracle of health benefits. So superfoods are foods that offer sterling nutritional perks. In the mid-2000s, superfoods were suddenly everywhere: pomegranates, goji and acai berries, Moringa, and kale! (Remember the dark days when kale was just a garnish?) We also recommend indulging in blueberries, leafy greens, nuts, chia seeds, olive oil, pineapple, papaya, and kelp (chlorophyll).

Some of our favorite superfoods we use in our products are cacao, aloe vera, and green tea. Try our “superfood smoothie” for your skin, the Magic Matcha - Green Tea Superfood Masque, which reduces inflammation, evens skin tone, and boosts skin elasticity. Our other top superfood products include Green Tea - Superfood Facial Bar, our Just Add Sugar - Cacao Herbal Infusion MasquePotion No.1 - Age Defying Serum, and our Potion No.2 - Age Defying Serum


Foods That May Cause Inflammation:

Just as important as knowing what to eat to prevent aging and lower inflammation is what to avoid! Consuming too many inflammatory foods may cause chronic low-grade inflammation, which may show up as redness, enlarged pores, dehydrated and dull-looking skin, as well as uneven pigmentation issues. While most of us know it’s a good idea to limit caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and dairy, some vegetables can cause inflammation, such as the nightshade variety. 

Nightshades belong to the family of plants with the Latin name Solanaceae and grow at night under the moon's shadow. Think eggplants, peppers, potatoes, tomatillos, and tomatoes. While research shows that we can eat these foods just fine without immediately causing inflammation, it’s important to note that you do NOT want to eat one or all of these in excess. Too much of anything can throw our skin off balance. Keeping an eye on your intake will help your body heal excess inflammation while still benefiting from the abundance of nutrients these nightshade vegetables contain.


Mindfulness and Intention

So how do you approach a new health and skincare regimen with intent and the ability to stick with it? Aging is indeed a beast, and social media and our culture at large do not look kindly on wrinkly skin, the faintest hint of jowls, and age spots. Youth is celebrated and worshipped, even if you don’t work in the Hollywood industry. But let’s not get obsessed. Let’s age with grace and armed with the right know-how, the all-natural way. Your body is sacred, unique, special. Treat it with respect and care.

Smile, exercise, meditate, practice mindfulness and gratitude, do things that bring you joy, that feed and sustain your soul, your life force. Set an intention to take care of yourself, inside and out. Our products are crafted with love and care; they are unique. Jenette Skin Care provides you with daily affirmations and a unique high-vibrational shift. They invite you to create rituals that promote not just glowing, youthful skin but a deep sense of well-being. We invite you to prevent with intent.

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